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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Vaca has started and I've hit the ground Running

                                                                Orchard Hills 6 x 8
                                                                                          oil on panel

Where to begin?  It's been so long since I've posted and there's so much to share and say.  For now I'll share a few pics of some little paintings I worked on this week.  The scenes were painted in a few different parks within the Geauga Park District.  What has been intriquing and of great importance to me lately has been negative space.  How it is used in an artwork.  I love the abstract shapes that negative space creates.

                                                                                        Orchard Hills  6 x 8
                                                                                            Oil on Panel

It was fun to mush the sky up against the trees and to paint the pinks behind the trees.

Swine Creek Park  6 x 8
Oil on Panel

This started as a demo piece, waterbased oils on panel.  I reworked it a smidge this morning (the demo was on Monday night) putting regular oils over the waterbased oils.  Which works just fine.  I also turned the painting upside down when I worked back into it.  (I revisited this idea courtesy of a friend who often paints her work upside down--she's not standing on her head, the work is upside down :) ) 

                                                                    The Rookery 6 x 8
                                                                                               Oil on panel

This is a painting from last summer that I was never felt was complete.  So, since I was turning paintings upside down, this one was flipped and worked into.  It's more intense than before, the colors and paint is getting nice and juicey.


  1. Welcome back to blog land Indigo girl...one month to the day.
    Sweet pieces and wonderful exploration...I also find it useful to turn the work on its head from time to time...it's a terrific way to notice what may be missed otherwise.

    Enjoy your 'be on cation'!! it must feel so very delicious when you wake up and see the day extending out in front of you.

  2. Thanks for the welcome back, Merci33. I didn't realize it was one month to the day. I've been so darn busy ending the school year, then spent a week in Chautauqua vacationing w/ family. Thoroughly enjoying these long summer days, yes it is soooo delicious to have the day extend out in front of me. Amazing how they fill up!

  3. I've looked at the paintings three times--and I can't pick a favorite. I do love the name "Swine Creek."

    If I'm working from a photo I always begin by drawing or painting upside down. Negative space fascinates me. When I visit blogs, I constantly trace the negative space with the cursor--the spaces between your trees are always fun.

    Welcome back.

  4. Hey Hallie~~I thought of you when I was typing out the name Swine Creek, I love the name too. Wonder about who named it and why.
    Yes, I work the same way with a photo, its something I teach my student to do as well.
    I can't seem to get enough of negative space these days. It is very relevant to a work. I've been out painting quite a bit the last few weeks, plus doing daily 20 min sketches and I keep hearing an inner voice reminding me..."remember the negative space..go to the negative shapes. LOOK at the negative areas. The negative makes the positive."

  5. Nice to see someone who knows What To Do with negative space!
    Lovely paintings; more please.

  6. I love your loose style! You've got a great feel for color too.

  7. Hi DJ ~~thanks for the comment on the Negative Space. More paintings are coming!
    Rachel, glad you appreciate my loose style. Lately I've been doing quick one hour paintings which keep things loose and fresh.