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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Loosening Up

Orchard Hills Park
6 x 8
Oil on Panel

Since summer vacation started I've gone out to the local parks to do some Plein Air painting.  Each time out has been totally wonderful.  I try to arrive around 7:30 or so and spend a few hours painting.  Last time I painted two panels, with this one being the better of the two.

Last year I painted this:

I liked it for a while.  Then I didn't.  The composition really started bugging me.  I loved the colors, the brushwork, but otherwise...blech.  So I decided to do a paint over the other day.  I zoomed in on the Orchard Hills painting.

Orchard Hills
Oil on Canvas
24 x 24

Now this, I really LOVE.  Loosening up is soooo good.

Some details:

This is color I could just Eat!


  1. I agree...Yumminess abounds in that painting!
    You can make purples, gray-greens,& yellows work...
    Keep going.
    Keep sharing.
    You're inspirational...

  2. I love Orchard Hills, too. I just spent about twenty minutes scrolling up and down--had to place those details in the painting. Each of the details is a little scoop of beauty; especially, the last one.

  3. Hey DJ, your comments are inspirational! Thank you, I will keep going and sharing.
    Hallie, I like the "scoop of beauty" phrase. It's exciting when you can look at a painting and love the brushwork, textures and color combinations. Sometimes at Art Museums I stare at paintings soaking up those things, often its not the subject matter thats important to me but all the other stuff.

  4. i looooove your pictures!!!
    you are an artist!!!
    elena from spain

  5. Gracias, Elena from Spain. Me gusta tus pituras tambien! My Spanish is rusty...but I visited your blog and enjoyed looking at your work. What media are you working in?