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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Puppy, New Painting

Larry the Dog Sedivy

Last year in February we said goodbye to our best dog,  Woody after spending 15 wonderful years together.  It took a year or so before we began to think of  having a dog around, although we still missed him.  So much.
My daughter and I have been visiting the local shelters for a few months. Nothing grabbed our hearts.  Then we met Larry.  (His siblings were Curly and Mo). 
He's been with us for a week and he is working his way into our hearts and home with all his puppy cuteness and personality.  I've got a big space in my heart where Woody rests, but its funny how hearts work.  Ours have opened up with ease and made space for this little guy. 

Soft Morning
36 x 42
Oil on Canvas

Last year I worked on a commission which I struggled with the during the entire process.  Nothing ever rang true, although I tried to convince myself otherwise.  So, after the buyer wasn't interested in it, I covered it in red and waited for inspiration.  Which came while I was out birding one soft morning.  The day was foggy, soft and gorgeous.  I took lots of reference photos.  
This is what I came up with.
It's leaving tomorrow to hang in a solo exhibition in Tremont.  (nice arty area in Cleveland)
And on that note, gotta run.....so much to do for the show!


  1. With that face, Larry could work his way into anyone's heart.
    I like the painting; you captured the softness of fog very well.

  2. So true DJ, his face is so expressive. Capturing the softness of the fog was hard. I worked with glaze layers, not a technique I often use.

  3. I love that Larry will be living at White Dog Studios--makes you a color-blind artist. You're right about new dogs--they don't replace so your heart just expands.

    I don't think Soft Morn will hang at the exhibition for very long. It is "foggy, soft and gorgeous."

  4. Hallie, Being a color blind artist is just fine, marching to a different drummer as artists do, or its just fun to have a black dog at White dog studios--again a different drummer. I'm glad that hearts expand, life is good that way.
    The exhibition looks great, I hung it last night. Soft Morning really does look good.
    I'll post pics of the show soon.

  5. Mary Ann, Working in glazes can be challenging, but oh so rewarding in the final product.
    Congrats on the show; can't wait to see photos!
    (And think of us little people while you're there.:-)

  6. Oh my god, what a cute puppy!

    Our older Golden is 14 now...we're so not ready to say goodbye soon, but we know that day will have to come sooner than later.