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Friday, July 23, 2010

Where I've been, where I'll be.

Since I started blogging my posts have been sporadic, sometimes I can post regularly and other times I post infrequently.  Right now is an infrequent time. 
Summer.  Usually the time I can post alot.  Not so this year. 

I've been working on Curriculum writing. 2-4 hours for the last two weeks. Hopefully just one more week.  (tedium)

                                                                  where else and what else?

hangin' out with this little guy.

the laundry.

we're building the deck for the barn/studio.  Yaaaay!!

and then there's the garden.  growin' like crazy!

If I don't post...I'll be in the studio




starting new paintings.

(just made arrangements to do a solo exhibit at our local hospital for this fall)

yikes!  lots to paint and thankfully I've got lots of ideas!

While I may not post for a while, I'll be visiting your blogs, checking out what's happening in your lives and with your art!


  1. Sounds as if you've a full summer. Hope you're doing as much fun stuff as obligatory work. Love your paintings; thanks for sharing great photos!
    Summer hugs,

  2. Hi DJ,
    Yes it has been a full summer, almost too much! The time has flown by soooo fast. July is usually slower than this one has been. I have been able to do some fun stuff in between the obligatory work. I tell ya, this curriculum writing is really cramping my style! I hope all is well w/ you and your summer is nice and leisurely.
    School starts August 17th, meetings on the 12th and 13th. Too soon :(

  3. Just love your color choices! That deep purple against the warm greens and yellows are just delicious! Happy painting and good luck on your upcoming show!

  4. Indigomar, I've been getting my art room ready in my brand new school building. Unpacking and figuring out a new layout for supplies, traffic paths, work storage, etc. So, my room is almost ready...but I'm not. :-)
    I need to re-write my curiculum and long-range plans, but I'm not sure when that could be fit in with everything else....

  5. I love your litte 'Life Tour' Summer 2010.
    The studio...omg...the deck is coming, can painting easles be far behind?

    Your garden makes me envious of those cool Ohio nights, our garden is fried...100 degree days/80 degree nights.

  6. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


  7. DJ- sounds like we're in the same boat. But, how exciting for you and the students to make art in a new space! Good luck and enjoy the remainder of summer! Keep on painting :)

    Merci--the easels should happen in January. Life slowed the pace of our work down, so we're about half a year behind where we hoped. oh well..this gives me time clean the studio and get ready for the move! The garden is flourishing and we're loving eating from it daily. We've had some hot weather here, our nights have been around 70 degrees although last night it went below 60---NICE! But the temps are goin' back up tomorrow.