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Monday, August 9, 2010

So much to paint!

These are all 6 x 8 plein air paintings.  Most were completed in about an hour, give or take.
The negative space quest continues. When I pay strong attention to negative space, I am being visually challenged and stimulated.  Wolf Kahn talks about bringing the background spaces forward,  and playing with the balance between near and far spaces.  
ahhhh.  it's so exciting and all makes so much sense!


  1. Wow! It must have been a painting jamboree. I think my favorite might be the bottom one. They are like glowing jewels--the excitement of discovery shows.

  2. I love the enthusiasm that comes along with this post.
    How wonderful and alive this small collection of beauties is...and what a smart one you are to carry Wolf Khan along as your inspirer...it paid off...little jewels that pack a punch.

    Are you painting on your homestead or going out into the surrounding countryside?

  3. Hallie, It has been a painting jamboree! And I'm going out for more tonight, I'm just loving every minute of painting. Squeezin' it all in before I go back to work. The bottom is my favorite too. When I finished it, I didn't think I liked it at all, I'd lost sight of things from being on top of them. When I brought it home, then I could see how much I loved it.
    Merci, Thanks. I've avoided Wolf Kahn, except only in passing. I love his work, but people have pointed out a likeness of my work to his. I didn't want to be influenced by looking at his work too much. Then something shifted and I purchased Wolf Kahn's America- Paintings, pastels and text by Wolf Kahn. The book is great! His thoughts on painting resonate intensely for me. There are things he's written are exactly my own observations and responses as an artist and observer. I'm getting so many ideas from reading this book. And the best part is, my fears that I'd become more like Wolf Kahn are vanishing. Silly.
    The painting are at various locations here in Geauga County. Most are from a Geauga Park District property that is a reclaimed Golf course.

  4. What a smorgasbord of colorful brushstrokes to feed the eye....
    Makes me want to skip work tomorrow and find a secret field to paint ~

  5. Do it DJ! Skip work :) Are you back to work or still setting up your new digs?

    Carringtonpbrown~~Thank You! I stopped by your blog and enjoyed your work too!