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Thursday, August 23, 2007

a new view

The image on the top isn't finished, but I like the new view I found. It's a place I see quite often, in fact I've looked at it so many times over the years, that it's one of those thing you don't see any more. This view is on a cloudy day, we've had incredible weather lately and the atmosphere and clouds are beautiful.
Stormy, muggy, heavy moisture, lend to nice atmospheric stuff.
The first time the view struck me there were gorgeous long shadows stretching across the road. I haven't seen the sun then in order to go back and snap a shot. Soon, I hope.
I don't directly work from photos, although I will use them as reference if I can't get out in plein air.
The cloudy day view was done using the picture on the screen of my digital camera.

The sunflowers is newish. Still tinkering with white balance and getting the picture image satisfactory. This is ok, not 100%.

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