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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer is winding down...looking ahead

Last day of summer vacation...
It's been a satisfying summer in painting terms. I've been able to dedicate lots of time to painting and from that I'm seeing growth in my work. That's Good!! My brain is bubbling with ideas that I'll put on hold, ever so temporarily, I hope.
Once the school year gets rolling, in a few weeks, I'll be able to get back in a painting routine.
The painting shown here is one that started off great, went through a slump and I was able to revive at the end.
Other things about summer, good visits with family, reading books, listening to good music, eating fresh veggies and fruit daily, fires in our fire pit, practicing lots of yoga---plus making the decision to spend the next year in yoga classes obtaining my 200 hours in order to become a yoga instructor.
A new direction!
Oh yeah, the other fun and new thing is we're going to build a barn. Bottom for the New Holland and all the other stuff of yard and garden, top will be a studio---larger than what I have! We'll spend the upcoming winter in planning, break ground next spring, build... then do interior finishing work the following fall and winter.


  1. hey sis...
    I love the painting you said you revived in the end! It just struck me!

    You finally got a "posting" out of me!!!


  2. Hey Maryland,
    Thanks for taking the final step into blog world. You can see the painting in real life this weekend.