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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Birding Morning

Went birding this a.m. at Headlands (this is a state park on Lake Erie, east of Cleveland). not much to see in the way of birdlife, but i did hook up with some friends and we had a nice time walking the dunes, enjoying the views and the wonderful mild weather. we had some nice views of about 10 or more great blue herons hangin out and circling about, didn't have my camera then, so no shots.
but, i took lots of reference photos, the colors were muted by mists.

the painting posted is done or nearly done, i may rework the tree-esp. the trunk.

lastly, there is room for a final taker on the Pay It Forward venture.


  1. What a wonderful concept, an artists' pay it forward. I would like to participate, but here's a twist - my art is expression on the page. My first poetry chapbook has just been issued. I will send a handmade gift to the first three persons who leave a comment on my blog(also just beginning) saying they'd like to participate. I will send the 3 a handmade gift -most likely copies of my book - within the next 365 days And then you, on your blog, tell folks about it and invite them to leave comments to say they'd like to participate. I've made it sound much more complicated than it is I am afraid. I do love the paintings I am seeing on this blog. I am a birder, and am about to learn more about parrots, since my new home is in the Commonwealth of Dominica, where many species of parrots thrive as in no other place. Thank you - all good things to you birds and cool cats and kittens.

  2. hi leslie,
    i am thrilled and delighted at this twist into the written realm of art. in my next post i will advertise for you and we'll keep this rolling.
    send me you address and i will send you a painting within 2 months. (i'm counting on christmas break to get some work done)
    i love poetry and i read your poems on your blog. intriquing and full of imagery--the first poem lead my thoughts along many paths.
    frog woman---i liked, it evoked a sense of culture and place.
    it looks beautiful in the dominican republic!!