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Saturday, November 17, 2007


a day spent doing the ordinary can be so satisfying after a couple of weeks full of activity.
a certain level of comfort settles into doing the mundane..the sounds that accompany the days tasks, the drier, the dishwasher running, the broom swishing against the kitchen floor.
clean laundry folded on the table. fresh towels.
outside it snow mists.
first suet of the winter season is out, birds feed all day long.
hot soup for lunch.
every year my mind down shifts to winter mode. re-learning acceptance of slower time, hush time (snow has a hush sound)and relishing it.
an excuse to curl up on the couch with a great book and coffee and yum...cookies.

an advantage of teaching painting to high school students is giving a demo.
the piece posted here is on such result. i love the freshness of color...the students don't want me to change a thing, i'm compelled to work in the area to the left of the building. (a retreat house on the property where i teach)

last...there room for one more taker on the Pay It Forward fun.

Happy Saturday!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. still looks like the bush is on fire and it's glowing on the building. but its still cool regardless. and i posted another comment on a older post, but i didn't know if you are ignoring me or you just didn't see it. (you can tell me either way) :)

  3. krista, i didn't see the older post. maybe it should be titled the burning bush.

  4. well if you didn't read it this is what i said i have something to tell you, but you weren't there friday so i couldn't tell you. :) so i was wondering if you had an email address or something because it's too long to type in a comment. or if you want me to leave you alone (b/c i know i'm a pain) i guess i can wait till when we go back. so idk whatever you want.

  5. Hi Mary Ann,
    Nice painting! I just put the PIF post on my blog...so we shall see where it goes from here. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Krista you can reach me at maryann.sedivy@nccl.org

    Christine, thanks for the comment and Good luck with PIF!

    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!