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Friday, November 23, 2007


i am Molly sitting tonight...Molly being my son's girlfriend Tracy's cocker spaniel-beagle mix puppy. cute as can be. fortuitously (sp?) she needed to step outside for a final bathroom break. it's a crisp cold night and we have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. full moon, silvery clouds..so we're out there, me, Molly and Woody Dog Sedivy.
just chillin.
first i heard them. i started scanning the skies in the direction of their odd calls. (reminiscent of the monkeys in wizard of oz).
the v-shape emerged coursing through streaks of silver cloud.
Up, way up.
50 or more.
lovely v shape. SWANS, Tundra swans.

earlier in the day, a visit with mom and dad. Tracy, Beau, me, Meg and Marilyn.
great visit..we ate some just made that morning pumpkin pie.
Tre delicier (sp?)
we stopped at BayArts the see my work there and to shop at the holiday boutique. what are the odds that as I'm there, the painting shown above is literally being taken down from the wall and sold! Cool! got to meet the buyer and look at the painting one last time. this is a favorite of mine and i'm glad to know where and with whom it will be. i don't know, maybe that sounds odd, but some pieces you get attached to. and i like to know where all of my work goes. it tells a story of time passage, geography, an excerpt of one aspect of my life and intersections with people.

the last taker for PAY IT FORWARD has emerged. Leslie. a fellow blogger and a writer. we have a twist! Leslie is a poet and for those interested participating in PIF and in recieving poetry--visit Leslie and read her poetry, evocative work. She has her first chapbook of poetry printed! Congratulations, Leslie!

all in all a fine day after thanksgiving. giving thanks, indeed.
Thank you to my takers!! Leslie, Shirime and Christine!


  1. I am crazy about these two paintings.

  2. Hi MaryAnn
    Just visiting your site and late as this comment is perhaps you will stumble upon it...when you mention the stepping outside and looking up and hearing the calls and seeing the v shape ...I knew it was swans...I literally dash outdoors when I hear their far off calls coming closer and closer until...THERE THEY ARE...right overhead...isn't it the most delicious event...

  3. Hi Indigomar, and thanks for visiting me of late :) I love your blog, warm and honest and expressive poetic writing. Your art is very soulful and reminds me of the impressionists, the painting of the line of trees reminds me of van Gogh, I love it :) A painting you have titled "Anam" - do you know that is the Gaelic/Irish word for soul? : ) It's nice to make your acquaintance and I'll visit again. The photos are great too by the way, especially the one of your Dad, and the icicles hanging under the house eaves. Lovely blog ; )