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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birds on a Snow Day

Carolina Wren

Snow days: a perk of being a teacher for a living.

Today is very snowy, last measurement at @ 10:30 was 7 inches of new snow. I'd guess 4 or so has fallen since then. It's a luxury to just hang out, there's no need to go anywhere. I made chicken dumpling soup, there's plenty of hot chocolate, I've got good music (the Dodos are playing right now), Lost to watch tonight and in the meantime paintings to work on, rather, I mean to play with.

Also there are lots of birds to watch at the feeders:

Female Red Bellied Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

Just for fun (my own I guess) and whoever might be interested; here is a list of birds seen in my yard for January

downy woodpecker
hairy woodpecker
red bellied woodpecker
pileated woodpecker
house sparrow
tree sparrow
house finch
gold finch
red breasted nuthatch
white breasted nuthatch
blue jay
mourning dove
tufted titmouse
redshouldered hawk
great horned owl
carolina wren
brown creeper


  1. ohhhh I soon as I saw the little wren I had to hop ove rand have alook see...those little darlins' is why my studio and home are named Wren House.
    I love your bird list...ya know the Cornell U. back yard bird count is coming up soon...do you do that?
    Your list is wonderful...those are all lucky feathered ones to have the seed n' suet you provide.
    Do the Pileated come to your feeders????

  2. I wondered where the name 'Wren House" came from. Wrens are one of my favorite birds; Carolina Wrens have been permanent yard birds for the last few years. (apparently the winters of '77 and '78 really hurt the C. wren population)Yes, I do participate in the Backyard Bird Count-did you get the email about it the other day? (I ended up playing a bird game last night online via their email) No, pileateds don't come to the feeders. Do you get pileateds? Such a showy, flashy bird!

  3. I did get the recent email from Cornell...and Yes we have Pileateds...I love them so....I guess they're just too heavy and solitary to visit the feeders.

    My home is named Wren House because the wrens sleep in hanging willow baskets on the back porch all through the summer...sweetest thing I ever saw...they have a whole ritual around it.