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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fast Expression

FAST EXPRESSION oil on panel 12 x 12

This painting was done FAST, very fast on a cheap, very cheap,(about 5.00) piece of framed art I picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's 12 x 12 with a deep frame. It is liberating to paint on any old surface and let the brush fly. Gesso a piece of cardboard or an old canvas and go...sometimes my favorite paintings happen.

Junior Kitty in her studio spot. Because the table she's on is above a heater, this is one of her favorite sleeping places in the winter. Junior is also known as Schnook. The name Schnook has evolved from a name to a noun; in that she is a schnook and cats that look like her are schnooks, it is a verb; in that she schnooks around or she's 'schnooking'. It is also an adjective in that she (or another schnook) is schnookish. And I suppose it could be an adverb too, as in "Schnooks is schnookishly schnookin'"


  1. I love your fast paint idea and the overpainting of 'cheap art'...there are sooooo many old and odd surfaces to explore...you've got me thinking about some that I can recycle too.
    Schnook looks all schnookered in for the winter....a beauty cat.

  2. iona...its true about there being so many old and odd surfaces to explore, i have more it can work on as well. the fun of it is when i'm feeling creative or need to let loose, this is a inexpensive way to do it, yet with sometimes promising results.