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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bird Moon

This sketchbook drawing was a precursor to this painting. In real life (not virtual life) the sky is more of a purple in the painting.
The house image is a shape I've been toying with for a few years. (One of the shapes that emerge from within when I sketch and play, (along with the triangle)) I've posted other images of the house/moon connection. (When I figure out how to post a link to previous posts, I'll connect you) There are more percolating in my sketchbooks. Future episodes will tell as to whether or not they become paintings.

The moon was rising one late summer night, it was misty. It emerged from behind a barn. Captivating.
Two weeks or so ago, the moon was setting behind my neighbors house off to the right, attached to the house. Just like the sketch, which had been drawn already.


  1. sweetness personified.
    great to see the sketch beside the painting.

  2. hello! I like the expression, "sweetness personified"!

  3. How funny...I saw this posted again in January 2010 in the linkedwithin feed and came over to remark on how it is the sweetest little sketch...then I found the original remark :-)
    too cute.
    It's STILL sweetness personified.