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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paintings in an Art Show


LATE GLOW 20 x 24

These paintings were entered in the BayArts Inspired by Nature Art Show and both were accepted. Late Glow received a Juror's Award! I went to the opening last night, it was jam packed with both people and lots of great paintings.

The funny thing about Late Glow is that I had difficulty with the bottom right corner of the painting. Couldn't resolve it to my satisfaction; which interestingly is the spot from my photo reference that was blurred by my finger. When I dropped off the painting, I discussed this with one of the employees at BayArts (who is also a painter). Last night she told me that during the judging, the juror's discussed the painting. They felt the painting was strong especially the area where the light comes through, but they felt there was something missing or unfinished or not right with the bottom right corner. Hmmmm. There are times we don't see what's going on with our own work..and times we do.


  1. Congrats! Bravo! applause applause!! on your BayArts award...and on making the looooong drive from your home to Bay Village!
    The problem with the digital format is that one can't really 'see' a work of art, so it's difficult to tell what is or isn;t happeningin that lower corner...that said... your landscapes give me a lift and always connect me to my home in Ohio.

  2. Thanks for the congrats! I've been using cell phone photos and/or dig photos for the times I can't get out in plein air. Trying not to be to literal in my interpretations...this painting got away from me, I was getting tighter than usual. However, I enjoyed working into the light through the trees. C'est la vie.
    I'm glad my landscapes give you a lift and connect you to home. As far as the drive, it's one I've been making weekly for the last 4 or 5 years. My mom is in a nursing home around the corner from BayArts (my Dad was there too), and half of my siblings are West Siders. I was raised in Lakewood, where my daughters now live--coincidentally a few streets away from where I grew up...life is a big, big, circle! Often, I spend weekends with my sister, so I can get a couple of visits in with my mom (save on gas $$)

  3. Well done, and well deserved, I like both pieces and have no problems with any corners, I know what you mean though and any constructive criticism always serves well for future works, for now, sit back and enjoy your achievements. xxx

  4. Thanks Zooms and I shall sit back and enjoy my achievements!! It's always a boost to the artist ego when it's recognized and rewarded.