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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I didn't work on any art last week

I didn't work on any art last week.
Just one of those weeks with lots of other things happening.
Teaching has been very busy, we're wrapping up 3rd qtr. Yikes! Where does the time go?
This week, the studio and paintings get a visit.

In lieu of no art pics, nature pics, cat pics or other I thought I'd share a few shots of a different genre.
We had a get together this weekend to honor the first day of spring and by the way Bob turned 50! Getting out of the house after a long, cooped-in winter. Necessary
Ahhh, fantastic fun was had by all!

The birthday boy up front, me and our 3 kids.

Me and my sisters. There are eight siblings, 4 boys 4 girls. Boy-girl repeated all the way down. I'm number 6 in the lineup pictured here w/ number 8 and number 4.

My daughter made the cake for Bob. (he's the gardener of the family) I ate too much of the cake, every bite was sooo good!

My son's friend/roommate(they're making a movie, more on that in future postings) and my daughter.


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