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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birds. It always comes back to birds.

So, there isn't a title for this collage yet.

There is an Art show sponsored by our local park district using the theme "discARTed" as its basis for all entries.
The show was a motivation to finish what was started some time ago. I pulled out all of my collage stuff (lots and lots, eek...!)and was able to wrap this piece up.

It is about birds. The background uses part of a 1955 National Geographic article about a trip some ornithologists took to Papua, New Guinea, which turned out to be dangerous when they encountered the native people. Along with the danger, they were educated about a people who were a 'dying culture' The imagery features birds.
I'm seeking a parallel between dying cultures and species loss. But also, noting where we (the human race)have contributed to these losses.
I've got a couple of other collages/assemblages happening, with the same themes. It'll be tough to decide what to enter, since I can only enter two works.


  1. I love the eye popping red and the shape of the bird along with the story...true for me too about coming back to birds.

  2. hey d
    i love the eye popping red too and yes, we do share the same affinity for birds.
    after i posted my thoughts about the collage, i hope it didn't come off as overly negative regarding us (human race) and species loss. Included in the next collage theme, i extend the fact that i am hopeful for the future health of our earth.

  3. I have never tried collage. Thanks for letting us know why you chose these elements. The piece looks good from all angles.