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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Barn got in the Way

These poor Yellow Rumped Warblers flew into our barn/studio sometime overnight. We found them on the floor near the sliding glass doors this morning. There is a large barn door entrance on the front of the barn where they flew in. We covered the entrance so this doesn't happen again.

As I laid them to rest in a bed of pine needles and covering them in maple leaves, I could hear and see Yellow Rumped Warblers flitting in the tree branches above.


  1. Sad--beautiful birds. I had a similar thing happen. During a storm my porch door must have blown open. A bird got trapped and died (I was out of town for a week.). I imagined that he spent his time looking out at the other birds; I sobbed and sobbed. Now I block the screen door and have to walk through the workshop to get onto the porch.

  2. yes, it is so sad when birds (or other animals die) so senselessly. i find that i'm accepting and pragmatic regarding the circle of life, but i feel pangs when their death is caused in some way through my interference.

  3. Hello Indigo Girl..I'm so sorry about the little winged ones. I agree with your reflection.