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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Eternal Collage

An eternal collage and I think I like it............
This piece (12 x 12 masonite panel) was started at least two years ago. Over time it has gone through several changes some subtle, some drastic.
It started as a demo piece for one of my AP Studio Art classes. I was messin' around with surface textures by using gesso in various ways; along with incorporating fabric and plastic wrap to show ways to build up a surface. From there we began collaging.
There was a point when I absolutely loved this piece, then I decided to make some changes. Ha. It went downhill.
I set it aside for a long while.
Picked it up a few months ago, worked back into it. Kept it around the studio, stared at it.
A few nights ago I added color and pattern. Its brighter than it was and I think I like it.


  1. I like it a lot - all the color ad texture caught my eye on Drozda's blog, from her side bar! I like it even more, reading the story behind it's history and all the layers and transitions it's been through - very cool :)

  2. Indigo Girl...This is a stunning and powerful piece and I see things in it that are very telling in relation to your life this past year...I SEE things :-)
    Speaking of which ...it's great to see you back in blogland.

  3. Thanks Karin and Donna!
    It's on my easel in the studio and I look at it often, contemplating.
    D-it's good to be back in blogland, what do you SEE?


  4. Well the moment that I first took in the image I saw, clear as a bell, a strong face of the type that the Tibetan Buddhists refer as a wrathful guardian...the sort of energy that protects from harm...this comes through very powerfully for me when I see this piece...it's as though you were being sheltered as you worked, as though a deep force watched over you.

  5. just in case you don't pop over to my blog land in the next while....here's my response to you question:

    Hey Indigo...as they say "ideas come from outa space..." I love the discARTed play...that's excellent...
    yes by all means share away and here's a link on same topic...with one of my kids pieces featured.



  6. hey zooms~great to hear from you!
    it looks like you're keeping busy at Cornbuck.
    D-thanks, I know what I'm what the collages name is; Guardian. Your thoughts cause me to think even more about this piece. Coincidentally, I've been listening to Pema Chedron on CD, soaking up Buddhist thinking and her wonderfulness.

  7. lol,
    what's with I know what I'm what?!

  8. I love that...I know what I'm what...huh???

    Ok here...one more special delivery...don't worry I will not make this a habit :-)

    Now Indigo girl... there is Homage to create for darlin' Woody...and it feels so very settling...course look... it took 8 years before Ms. Lulu got her due...does feel good though.