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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shadows, Monuments and Pillars

On Friday, my AP Studio Art students and I took a field trip to some great Cleveland locales. I took these shots at Lakeview Cemetary.
Here's a few pics, I like the juxtaposition of the tree and the massive grave obelisk (I guess it is an obelisk or a huge grave marker.) 
I had some fun with shadows inside the Garfield Monument.


  1. Hi indigo
    I had this happening about two weeks ago. Everything was in place but no photos would upload...I don't know how to solve this other than to type the issue into the Google search bar and see what comes up.
    good luck!!!!
    ...I look forward to seeing the pics...you know Lakeview Cemetary is a favorite haunt of my student days on Coventry.

  2. I was not able to get to blogger with house guests and my partner BD being out of town...I was on dog duty and hostessing...all fun...lots of 'out to dinners' and walks on the beach...dolphins still so active.

  3. Dolphins....! You are so lucky to see them. I haven't gotten to blogger yet, lots going on w/ school, working in the studio lots and lots. Internet time is minimal these days.

  4. I like the photos of shadows, too--for that reason I seldom use the flash.

    "I'd rather be in the studio" was interesting--I had not been involved with selling, shows or galleries for quite a while (life, aging parents, moving, remodeling, ill husband, etc.). I found the book helpful, although I'll never be organized.