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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gray Day

After spending an hour or more working on this; the commission piece that is taking its good old time reaching any sort of resolution, I switched over to a fast painting over an old painting. 
(a side note about the commission:  the buyer saw one of my smaller paintings (8 x 10) that is soft and moody.  She wants a larger work, about 42 x 36--soft and moody.  At this point, I'm beginning to get the softness, but its been a challenge to take what is so easy to capture in a small piece and bring it to a large format.  There are some compositional kinks I'm working on, and I'm struggling with the trees in front.)

Today was a Gray Day.  Rain, rain and more rain. 
The fast painting over the old painting is below. I plan to work some lighter grays into the sky. 
I like to paint Gray Days. I find it a good challenge to capture just the right colors for gray sky.
(my camera hasn't captured the colors with accuracy)

We were driving to a Christmas dinner at dusk. The white barns in sillouhette against the white sky were striking. After painting for several hours today, my seeing eyes were charged up. I wanted to turn the car around and go home to paint the white on white.


  1. always a delight to see what your eye does with color in and from the landscape...I'm looking forward to seeing that commission materialize...those translations from one size/format to another can be tricky good challenges.

  2. The commission looks good to me--love the colors (I think they belong to you). The change from one color to another seems more defined than in other paintings.

    It's hard for others to understand that you'd rather be in the studio than any other place in the world.

  3. Donna, yes the change from small to large is a tricky good challenge, one that I'll get soon with this painting. I'm looking forward to Christmas vacation when I'll have some hefty chunks of time to work with the painting.
    HW, Thanks, I love the colors too, but at the same time I think they're part of the problem with the painting. As you said, maybe it is the defined change from one color to the other.

  4. I just wanted to say thanks. I took a 20-mile ride to the next town today. On the way back, I saw several "Indigomar scenes." Green trees in a line, a field, then more trees--beautiful. Without your paintings I would never have noticed.

  5. hw, thanks right back to you. your commment came at just the right time for me. lifted my spirits on a blue mood kind of day reminding me of how our art can affect and be valued by others. i really appreciate you telling me this.
    you know, sometimes i find myself looking at a situation or an artwork and your subtle wit and intelligence come to mind; especially your tongue in cheek humor. makes me laugh!