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Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Here to There (sketch to painting)

This summer I spent a few days with my sisters at the beach in Vermilion, Ohio on the shores of western Lake Erie.  I sketched a bit one afternoon, loving the variety of blues in the water.
For the last two weeks while "trying" to paint a commission piece--which isn't going so well--I started and finished the painting above.  I usually work on a couple of pieces at the same time, if a painting is too wet, I'll move to another.  It also keeps my energy for the paintings fresh.  This time I think I was using other paintings to avoid the commission, but also in hopes that I could take my enjoyment from the other works and infuse it into the commission.  So far its not working. ugh.  Fortunately there isn't a huge rush on the commission and I plan to get to it when I figure out what is blocking my creativity. (maybe I'll post a pic of what's happening so far)
So about the sketch and painting pictured here. In the painting I ended up turning Lake Erie into a landscape. Initially I had painted water, but I came back to the canvas a day or so after the water was in and it kindof morphed into landscape--which I know so much better than water--simply because I don't see the Lake on a daily basis, whereas I do study my little corner of the world everyday.
I painted a few pieces this summer which have a similar composition to the painting above.  I'm toying with the idea of painting a Horizon Line series.  I love the meshing of color, verging on abstraction; still landscape.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I think it's the kind of work that brought me to your blog the first time.

    Big difference between the sketch and the painting. My sketches are usually more about what-not-to-do with a painting.

    Great work.

  2. this is a beautiful and 'so you' piece...may it open the door to the place you know you want to be for that terrific commission to begin to emerge.
    cool, too, to see the sketch and then the painting.

  3. Thanks HW and to risk sounding immodest;I think its beautiful too--I keep sitting and immersing myself in it -on a personal grading scale, that's when I know I'm satisfied with what I've painted.

  4. Hi D

    Yes, I hope (know!) it will open the door for the terrific commission, Thanks for the positive thoughts :)

  5. A very nice quiet but vivid abstract-realism painting!