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Saturday, January 30, 2010


As we're settled deep in the heart of midwinter; the red Hibiscus is blooming against the backdrop of white.  It struck me with its likeness to the canvas I was prepping for a new life.

(the hibiscus is one I brought in for the winter, its leaves are a bit scraggly right now, but it just started blooming one flower at a time.)


  1. Hi Indigo
    the reds in each of these photos are so dynamic and alive ...just perfect for the sense of renewal that this time of year brings forth...it took a minute for me to 'get' that the hibiscus is inside near the window...it looks for all the world like it's sitting on the deck outdoors in the snow.

    Hey! speaking of snow we got...almost 6 inches...very unusual...everything is shut down...the city probably has 2 snow plows and no salt so it will be an interesting next few days.

  2. I'm so happy to have been introduced to the blog by Julie Zickefoose by visiting some of your blog list...her piece on the gorilla's and her eye ...so wonderful.
    Do you know her?

  3. I took a workshop with Caroline Jasper; she uses red as an underpainting. I use burnt sienna.

    Beautiful photograph.

  4. d- I don't know Julie Zickefoose, although I'd love to meet her. She is often at Bird Symposiums here in the state; one of these days I'll attend one and get the chance to meet her. Have you read her book, Letters from Eden? (great writing, fantastic artwork)
    hw--I love the red that peaks through a finished work. Exciting.