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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Woo Hoo! The commission is done!

Commission Painting
42 x 36

                                                        Diptych version of Commission Piece
                                                                             42 x 36

Finally!  The top painting is the commission painting I've been wrestling with for the last few months.  I'm fairly satisfied.  I'll send the image to the gallery owner, she can show it to the buyer.  After that, who knows, either she likes it or not. The background trees are more purple than blue.  I made some value adjustments in the sky and in the background trees.

I love the diptych, which I'll send along with the other.  Again the blues are more purple.  The center horizontal line is a vivid pinkish orange--melon.  It is bolder line than the photo depicts.

On a weather note, it has been snowing all day and night.  Snowing to beat the band!  I measured at 11:00  and there were 13 inches on the ground.  5 hours later, I'm guessing 18 inches or so. 


  1. I've now spent about 20 minutes looking for differences between the Gray Day painting and the Woo Hoo one. The latest is brighter and happier and the background trees less defined. It's beautiful. Have a bowl of snow ice cream and celebrate!

    I like the diptych version, too. I feel that the tree (trees) on the right are moving towards me.

  2. Sorry about that. I wanted to post the Gray Day painting w/ the finished piece and I couldn't find the photo in my files; I think I deleted it. I'm glad you think its beautiful, I hope the buyer does too. I'm as satisfied as I can be with it, but I'm ambivalent about it overall --Maybe I need time and distance from it.

  3. Indigo Girl
    Happy You for having brought yourproject to completion...isn't that a grand feeling!!
    The painting(s) are lovely...I am such a fan of the way you see and apply color. Gentle and strong simultaneously.

    I do want to hear your dream...my email is drozda@donnaionadrozda.com
    look forward to hearing from you.

  4. both great--they are abstract and bold--My favorite is the diptych...!

  5. Hey D, yes it is grand to have the painting done! The painting was a challenge, as I'd discussed earlier, but a good challenge. Learned some things and one thing for sure is that I can't wait to get out and do some plein air. It was fun to play with the colors and shapes; pushing the play of positive negative space in the row of trees in the back--something that always intriques me. I love interesting negative space pulling forward, especially when its light or light fields behind trees.
    Celeste, my favorite is the diptych too. I was more comfortable with it than the other.

  6. Love both of these paintings, they are beautiful.

  7. Thanks Shari! They're leaving Saturday to meet their new owner, which one will she buy? Which one comes home?

  8. I love your use of color in these! Did the buyer like them?