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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sandhill Cranes

 Last night I dreamed of five Sandhill Cranes ascending from a field as I drove by with my family. The kids were little.
When I woke from the dream, I was reminded of the first time I saw Sandhill Cranes while birdwatching near Lake Erie in 1998.  Two cranes were riding the thermals and wheeling in circles with several Turkey Vultures.  In 1998, my children were small and the time I had for art was piecemeal.  Collaging and monoprinting were my media of choice at the time.  Collaging more so due to the ease with which I could start and stop working on a piece. 
 The collage featured above was inspired by my first Sandhill Crane sighting.  It is titled Grus Canadensis Dance.  (grus canadensis is the latin name for sandhill cranes)  Cranes have a courtship ritual which involves an elaborate dance which includes head bobbing, bowing and leaping. I'd love to see that!


  1. Beautiful artwork and beautiful dream. I've tried to analyze it all afternoon--can't come up with anything. I believe it's personal; you'll learn the meaning.

  2. hallie. let me know if you come up with an analysis. my kids think i'm their crazy bird mom, which is just fine with me. (my kids love birds too and always let me know about their sitings)
    i often dream of birds. the memory the sandhill cranes in this dream is like seeing a clip of a movie.

  3. Oh Indigo...when I opened this I thought...if Charles Burchfield had done a painting of Sandill Cranes this would be it...which is a high compliment as Burchfield had it goin' on!

    Wonderful to read the reference to the dream...
    I will have to include the link to my brother's Flicker site...he's in Alaska and has some magnificent photos of the grus canadensis migrations.

    On a similar, bird note, Bald Eagle cruised in low over the water in the cove in my backyard on January 2 then swooped up and hung out in one of the huge pines...couldn't get a photo because of the position s/he took :-( but soooo stunning to witness.

  4. Whoa. Burchfield. One of my most favorite painters! His work, mmmm.
    Congrats on starting off (yet again, right?) another year with the Bald Eagle. Strong Medicine.

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