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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Of Snow, Turkeys and Crow

While driving home from work as the big snowstorm started up, a flock of about 28 turkey crossed the road.
The next day they were in my yard under the bird feeder.

The crows have been eluding my camera until I snuck this shot through the kitchen window.

Every morning they visit the feeder around 9. 

They amaze me with their quickness; everytime I try to take a picture, they detect the slightest movement or sound and they're off.


  1. Must have been exciting seeing all those turkeys. I've only seen a couple in my lifetime. Crows I love--I don't know why--there's a mystery about them. They show up often but, as you mentioned, they're shy. I'm glad your photos are large.

  2. these are marvelous photos...and I can well insert(from memory)the profound and magical hushed quiet of the landscape when it snows this much.
    I too have a love affair with crows and you're right about they way that they pick up on the slighest movement...that makes it all the more wonderful when they get caught by the lens.
    I saw a flock of wild turkeys last week as I passed a field and it was stunning to see...your view is the best!!

  3. The turkeys have been showing up a couple of times a week at the feeder. It was quite a sight to see them cross the road one after the other in a long line.
    Yes, D, there is a magical hushed quiet that I just love.
    So the love affair we have with crows....