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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Saturday Night

What a gorgeous day today.
Low humidity and sunshine all the way.

Frustrating painting day. The desire was strong, but I couldn't mesh desire with skill. The first painting I attempted was frustrating the whole time I worked on it. From set up to a frustrating stop for dinner. While eating outside, the sunlight on the trees in my neighbors yard grabbed my attention.
After dinner I started painting # 2. It flowed somewhat better.
Still a bit off.
I think I'm tired!
Yesterday, I spent 4 hours on a breeding bird survey for the Geauga Park District. It is amazing and wonderful to spend hours hiking through the woods, birding in the company of fun biologists---they are fun! We start at 7 am.
The sunlight shining through the trees is remarkable.
We trek through swamp, wet areas, dry areas, cross beaver dams, sit in piney woods, bird in open fields.
After I birded, I worked for about 2-3 hours in the garden and in my flower beds.
yeah. I'm tired.
Tomorrow, I'll meet some art teacher friends at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, then to see the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Cleveland Institute of Art, then another photo exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Last, dinner in Litte Italy, I think.

I'm reposting this, will it work?

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