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Friday, July 13, 2007

spent a wonderful morning painting at a friends house in the back field. weatherwise today was a splendid day with low humidity, amazing blue skies and big puffy clouds.
the painting was right
it was hard to stop. i got a good few hours in the a.m.
went to the grocery store, ate some lunch and back to painting.
tonight we are going to a wedding reception and i wish i could stay home and work some more.
i'll go back tomorrow to my friends fields.
after tomorrow the following days will be spent celebrating my dad's b-day on sunday (81 yrs old!) then my daughter and I will paint her rooms upstairs. she's moving back home for a while after a college stint. she's off to culinary school (close to home, commute to school, save on rent and food, have fun with mar and bob) to learn to be an advanced pastry arts chef.
so between time spent sittin here at the blogsite and eating meg's homework my shape will be shifting.


  1. I love the painting Mary Ann! Very nice.

  2. what are the chances that any of her homework assignments might make it to the hexagonal table?

    just wondering...

    welcome to blogging by the way...it can be fun.

    check out http://www.illustrationfriday.com/
    if you are feeling really creative, you can participate.

  3. Thanks, Tracy...about the painting. I've just about finished it, I hope to complete it tonight.
    Hey Pete! I don't know about homework assignments, its a thought. Which I will save for next month. Currently I'm in a state of summer denial regarding my other life.
    You're right, blogging can be fun.