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Monday, July 9, 2007

my mouth is sore and its hot, hot, hot
dental work is no fun, especially crown preps. but the worst is over.
i'd rather have the hot temps than the opposite-mid january and the snow is flying.
of course, what i'd really prefer is low humidity and upper 70's!
so, i've been painting lots around the yard and at the neighbors. i'm ready to find subject matter further afield. i've got a couple of locations in mind.
i've been playing with the versatility of oil paints. messing with some glazing. there is some deviation from showing the immediacy of the first brushstrokes-which i prefer to leave evident.

revisiting collage.
painting with oils on clay board, collage on top and carving/scraping into the oils.


  1. Sounds like my day, very hot humid afternoon, after a cleaning by an extremely vicious hygienist. Now I am feeling like experimenting with collage too:)

  2. Tracy,
    making the collages has been an outlet and i'm lovin' it. i hope you make some. I'd love to see what you come up with! i made another last night.
    your last few posts have been great fun to read. I love your new dog. I have a yorkie-poodle mix. He was a yorkie poo before the trend! what personality. he is like a cartoon character that has come to life. Congrats on the show, your work looked good!
    mary ann

  3. I did some cool collages in college, but haven't done much since. Sometimes I fool around with them a bit with the kids, but theirs are way better than mine!

    We were actually looking for a yorkie poo or a shtzu poodle mix, but when I saw Mr. Wilson, I knew he was the one for us.!