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Friday, July 20, 2007

Painting and Potter

Great amounts of painting were done this week. In my daughter's room. A necessary job, and more involved than anticipated. Isn't that always the case? Since she'll be home for the next two years while she attends culinary school, we figured it was time to make the upstairs her space. It is two rooms that she shared with her sister through grade school and high school. The rooms are connected and there is a bathroom too. Now it can be more like an apartment/suite. With the exception of some minor touch ups here and there, the job is done!

This morning I claimed as my own and finished a few pieces.

Marblehead was started in June on Marblehead Peninsula. It had a forty five minute beginning, then I fizzled-It was late in the day and I was hungry!

Purple Trees was done for the most part in June. I softened a few edges today and reworked some of the darks.

Red Barn or John's Field was painted last week at my friends house. I don't know what I think of this one. The image that I'm posting looks slightly overexposed. I love the textures and the movement of color. I like the sky.

Last is a painting I'm giving to my daughter for a college graduation gift. This is one of two that she selected. I painted this based on some photos I took in Arizona a few springs ago. I was just messing around with Raymar panels and I think waterbased oils. I was prepping for travel to Ireland. I brought panels and waterbased oils for ease of travel--the weight, the airline restrictions, etc. Well, Ali liked this one, so its framed and ready for her.


Harry Potter looms. I don't know what to think of all the hype. I am glad there are so many readers out there and its cool to think of so many people reading at the same time. It's like and international book club/read fest. It is quite a phenomenon when you think about it. All the hype seems somewhat commercial, though.

I love HP and can't wait to read the book. But it's bittersweet. I don't want the story to end.


  1. My mom and I went to Hudson last night...Spot in line number 1156!

    It took an hour and a half to et to the book store...not bad considering.

    Mom got me the CDs for my birthday... only on disk two...very serious mood to the start.


  2. Channel 8 News was covering the Hudson Excitement. I saw some of it. My sister was at Borders in Westlake til 2 am, Beau (in Columbus) til 1 am. Me, I preordered at Borders. Went to pick it up yesterday around 9 am, on the way I thought of Walmart in Chardon. Walked in, bought my copies and left. Home reading after that. I thought Mentor Borders would be crowded with lines on Sat. morning.
    I read last night til 2. We were gone all day. I'm on page 310. So far, it's good to be back in Harry world and I'm enjoying it!