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Friday, November 28, 2008


Dumplings. This daughter of all Irish descent on both sides (we have beautiful family names; Cavanaugh, Callahan, Fitzgerald, Walsh, O'Connell) grew up eating traditional Thanksgiving meals with the usual menu. It wasn't until I married into a Czechoslavakian (also known as Bohemians or Bohunks) family (Sedivy means gray in Czech) that I was introduced to the Dumpling--the main event at Thanksgiving. This food was a mystery to me. But revered by the Sedivy's. The irony is that my future mother in law made the dumplings. She, Mary Jane Mulcahy, a French-Irish girl from Providence, Rhode Island. She made them well. She learned from her mother in law who immigrated here from Czechoslovakia.
Served with Sour Kraut, gravy. No mashed potatoes necessary. I fell in love with dumplings! They don't really have a flavor, its all about the texture.
28 years later, she oversees and taste tests while her son makes the dumplings aided by her grandchildren.
2, 2 and 2. or for the big meals 6, 6 and 6. (flour, eggs, potatoes.)

The food is fantastic!!


Dumplings sink. Digesting is sooo necessary before round 2. Dessert.

Woody and I felt just fine.

I really love Pork instead of Turkey with sour kraut and dumplings. I guess I'm Bohemian through osmosis or in some weird gastronomic way.


  1. Boy I could go for some dumplings right now...

    You should email me those other pictures of us and Wooderson!

  2. yeah, me too, or fried w/ sour kraut. I will send the pics to you.