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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Open House

Jewelry is the stuff I make to help support the painting habit. Actually I like making jewelry and have made it on and off for a while. Occasionally I'll do a show or art festival where I'll sell jewelry and paintings. Today only jewelry sold. It's ok that paintings didn't sell--I'd like it if one or more had--but something usually comes from a show where there seems to be nothing. It might be a connection, an invitation, a future sale.

A friend (Liz) of my sister's has an annual holiday open house at her home in westlake. Always a nice event with great gift items and really good food. Liz is a caterer, she had a delicious black bean hummous, gorgonzola cheese pie, green beans with a delicious curry dip....Marilyn (my sister, but not the one who is a friend of Liz) enjoying the great food surrounded by well, my art. Marilyn is like a manager to me. She helps with all the shows and seems to like doing it. (do you, Marilyn?)Today she helped me and another sister (not the one who is friends with Liz--that one was home on her couch with a flu bug that is lasting for days)at the holiday open house. Kathy, the other sister Marilyn helped sells beautiful photographs, most often images of Ireland. I'm happy to say the three of house have travelled there together, along with Kathy's daughter. Kathy took pics, I painted. Marilyn took pics too--hers are good!
Today the three of us had fun selling our art, but mostly being together, I wish the 4th sister had been there too!


  1. You have such a lovely tradition getting together with 'sisters' of the heart, the soul...food, friends and art what a terrific combo.

  2. I do enjoy it!!! This entry made me laugh...