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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Paintings (that didn't go to the Holiday Open House)

Okay, it's the worst when you cram too much into a short time period. I thought I was fully prepared for last Sunday's Holiday Open House until I painted this painting on Friday night. I liked it enough that I decided it should be at the Open House. By Saturday night it was dry enough in most areas to apply a coat of liquin. Which I applied. A few areas started to smear, so 'wisely' I decided to do the rest in the morning before the show. I got up early, allowing a few hours before I had to leave. (read the Sunday paper, drink coffee, do some yoga). I applied the liquin in the areas that needed it and the painting was still wet. Smear. I touched up the areas that smeared and left it alone. Even though it was still wet, I decided to bring it anyway and I put the painting face up in a shopping bag w/ handles. I got the car loaded w/ all my stuff and grab the bag w/ the painting and head out the door, realizing on the way out that I'm hungry. I grabbed a few chips ahoy and started munching on one as I'm headed out the door. Get to the car, put the bag in and glance down at the painting to see it covered in chips ahoy crumbs. urgggh. I was able to flick most of them off, but then scratched the paint surface. This painting wasn't meant to be sold on Sunday. It needs some restoration work...what is seen below is pre-'mar in a hurry and hungry'.

Oil on panel 6 x 12 175.00

In my hurry to leave for the open house, I left this painting sitting on the easel in my studio. Freshly framed, ready to go, all liquined and dry to boot. Another painting not meant to be sold or seen on Sunday.

Oil on Canvas 17 x 21 Framed 350.00


  1. they are both beautiful! I can see now why you were mad you forgot that one! And the chips ahoy one...it will sell!!!!!

  2. you got the color 'thang' goin' on! I love the way you combine and contour...very yummy. Not like chips a hoy but very delicous...glad you have been able to save the one and savor the two that weren't meant to be at the open house...fun story.

  3. way to go with the cookies.... but they're both really cool paintings.... even if you almost destroyed one of them.... :D

  4. Thanks mj,iona and myster commenter, i do love both of these paintings. the colors are soooo fun to work with!