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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Studio is a Mess!

Too much stuff!! My fear is that when I move to the larger studio space in the barn, I'll accumulate more stuff!!!
Today is the start of organizing, sifting and cleaning in el studio. When I'm feeling really bad about all the paintings stacking up and feeling sorry for myself for no sales and I'm totally losing perspective on this "art life"; I dramatically say to myself that the solution is to just stop painting, give all the paintings, supplies, materials away!
My inner, wiser, saner and rational self steps in and tells me how painting is inherent and integral to who I am. How I'll never stop painting even if I never sold a single thing again. I paint to paint. For the sheer joy of it. The pleasure of playing w/ colors, textures. Capturing the landscape of Ohio in my way.
How the colors change daily. EXQUISITENESS (don't know if that's a real word but it works)
Off to clean!


  1. here here.
    and bravo for sharing such a powerful revelation.
    with this 'stuff' in mind I hope that you have time to visit Karin's Beyond Words blog (link on my blog site) and click on the youtube she has posted today...brilliant and so important for us all to really hear.

  2. Thanks, I'll check it out. I've looked at all your links on your blog, what an interesting world we live in...the way we can connect.

  3. all things being relative, your studio looks orderly compared to mine! (bringing me to my New Years resolution...to bring some order to my studio! (and home)...perhaps will do before and after pictures)... your barn studio sounds divine. That's what I dream of....
    But I'm also relating to your comment about the stacks of old paintings not finding homes, and why do more?!? I just received my rejection email from dailypainters.com.....this has actually been liberating for me; Ive been posting since March and now I can do OTHER things, yea! (although, I would've loved to have been accepted, truly).
    You're right, we keep painting because it's who we are, and it's what's inside us, waiting to come out.