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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Sketchbook Paintings

Happy December 31st and a Happy Birthday to my brother Mike!

Following up on the last post's content I thought I'd post a few more images of works inspired directly from sketches.

This one is titled "Home in the Woods". There was a theme developing this year with the concept of HOME as its center. The typical house shape began to emerge in my sketches; sometimes with the triangle other times with a circle (which I began to consider a moon) and other times somewhat realistically in the landscape--more to come there.

This painting is titled "Do You Know Where You Are...Part 2" (not sure how I feel about part 2 in the title, I might retitle it). This one is the second of two paintings, the first shown in the last post. (the ideas behind the paintings are also discussed in the last post)


  1. I am really enjoying these glimpses into your sketch books, your descriptions of the process and the source of your images. I admire how you express your feelings and draw inspiration from your posts.
    I hope that you are still enjoying the 'balmy' 67' weather, while I reach for my fleece during our 'chilly' 69' evenings.
    I wish you and your family,all good things for the New Year. x

  2. Thanks Zooms. It's interesting to share the sketchbooks; I find that I'm delving into them more than usual. We no longer have a balmy 67, in fact, this morning it was a whopping 5 degrees. Brrrr. However it was sunny, there was ice all over the bushes and trees; it was gorgeous!!!

  3. sunny dazzling through the ice is one of my favorite memories of the north country...
    I love these glimpses into your sketchbooks there is so much life in the gesture!
    Happy Newest Year to you, IndigoMA!