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Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Art

As I said in the previous post, this book began as a place to wipe my brushes while I painted.  I picked up this idea from another artist who will use her sketchbooks in this fashion, which I've been doing for a few years now. For me having color already on the page is a good starting point for sketching into and lends itself to playfulness and a lack of inhibition.
The book making was an organic, intuitive process.  Each page grew on its own and at first there wasn't a relationship between the pages. I'd just open a page and start working on what moved me, either the brush marks I'd made or the text in the book.
These are pages 2,  3 and 4.

watercolor, string, photographs, photocopies, oil pastel, assorted paper


  1. Looks great. I actually began something like this in 2006. I bought an old dictionary, unstitched it (never knew how books were bound), and ironed some pages to flatten them. I used pastel, liked it, framed it, and named it "A." That's all I've done. Keeping the work in the book is a better idea. (I'll have to find those ironed pages; maybe I can make it to "B.")

  2. hello hallie
    i can see why you'd take the work out of the book. when i look at the book sitting in the studio--i think that some of the art in it would be great framed. I'll use some of the ideas for inspiration for future works. When I consider of the richness of artist's journals, Frida Kahlo comes to mind, I find that i enjoy looking through the pages of this book and my old sketchbooks.

  3. Fabulous! I love this idea- and such a great way to "recycle" paint. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. this looks like A LOT of fun! Hope you'll do more

  5. Pamo, This is a fun idea, I've used it with my students and it really releases lots of inhibitions about drawing/painting on a surface. I also use my regular sketchbooks for brush cleaning, which lends nicely to new creations later on.
    Celeste, It was fun to do and I have another I started this summer, waiting for me to come back and work on it. You know, I think we talked a bit about sketchbooks in one of your posts, I can't remember the exact nature of the discussion, I'll have to check out your old posts to see. Something that Katharine Cartwright was doing and you were using....hmmm.