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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Student Works--Fruits

In my last few posts I've been sharing the teaching process behind the Figure Unit being presented in my AP Studio Art classes.  Featured above are a sampling of the fruit paintings which I mentioned in the last post.  I chose to have the students spend a few days painting simple forms in order to prep them for the painting the figure. The focus was on color mixing and better acquainting themselves with the handling of acrylics along with really studying form.  We talked about shapes, not only of the fruits but of the areas of color around the fruit made through the light and shadows.
Currently they're painting the figure and doing a fine job!  Tomorrow is the last day of painting, so pics will be posted soon.


  1. Each of these looks like it only needs a frame and a price tag. Beautiful.

  2. These are dynamic studies and a testament to your ability to open your students 'artist eyes'... it's magical to see the distinctive color combinations and the use of value and color mixing skills...I do believe I feel a still life coming on :-)

    Thanks for coming over to see my garden clogs turned into Tara Shrine !!