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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Art

Playing with neutrals.  Elimination of text on the right page balances the added text of the Peterson Field Guide on the left page. The page corners are cut and rounded.

Collaging with string and a bead.  The torn area beneath the bead was a good accident.

After I got my first digital camera, I was taking pictures with reckless abandon.  I found this toad nestled in some rocks.  I printed it on paper from Nepal that a friend gave me.  The photo has been sitting in the piles of collage "stuff" for a while.

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  1. the intrigue of the altered book...ahhh...these are the beginnings of some happy pages...and using the Peterson Guide makes me 'all a flutter' to see what will come next.

  2. Ha...nice play on words. The altered book is intriquing, in part because the pages already have something going on, then we get to add to it.
    Did you get lots of snow??

  3. What I'm really enjoying about your altered book posts is the organic feel. I can tell you are just using your gut without some preconception of what it SHOULD be. I've put my hand briefly to altering a book- but I believe now that I was over thinking it. The stitching in your earlier post really sings to me.

  4. The blacked-out text brought back a memory from 30 years ago. When my daughter was in her teens I gave her--as a joke in her Christmas stocking--a Playgirl magazine. I had black-markered all the men's parts. We still laugh about it. It was not art--just fun.

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