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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Student Work --- Figure Drawing Unit

We've spent the last few weeks studying the figure in my AP Studio Art class. We started with quick gesture drawings and worked up to longer sessions with the model.  The students spent about 2 hours on these drawings.  I feel like a proud mother showing off their work...I am proud of them!  These kids are the cream of the crop and I'm so pleased with the results of this unit so far. After we finished these drawings,  I set up simple fruit arrangements for acrylic painting studies.  Inspired by blogger Lisa Daria's compositions, we painted fruit for two days.  The sole intention was:

  • seeing value and developing form

  •  color mixing

  • zooming in on the subject matter
The compositions were painted on toned ragboard.  While not 100% visually dynamic, the goals were reached.  I saw the students mixing colors in a broad range of values and hues and the compositions were interesting.  
After studying fruit forms, the students are back to figure work;  my hope being that they'd bring what they'd learned painting fruits to the figure work.  They're painting the figure using acrylics, successfully developing form and good compositions.  So far, so good!  The real plus is the kids are really enjoying the painting process.  The paintings will be posted as soon as they're done.   


  1. ah...charcoal and conte what a great mix...these are great to see...I enjoy the different approaches to placing the figure within the composition...I'm guessing they're separate assignments? They all have merit. The one that stops me is the 4th one down...powerful in all ways.
    great job Teach!

  2. Wow! You should be proud--these are great.

  3. Thanks Hallie and D.
    The assignment was done over two days, each student interpreting and finishing the background in their own style. The 4th one down is by a student who is immensely talented.
    She is a senior who has applied to RISD and The Cleveland Institute of Art. She got into CIA and hasn't heard from RISD yet.