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Saturday, December 27, 2008

In the Mood to Paint

The post Christmas quiet has settled in the house. The kids are back to their homes and lives. Today is one of those days where I have the strong desire and energy to work in the studio. But,I do have to get going in an hour or so for other commitments outside the home. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as a studio day!

The piece above evolved from two sources which are probably the same place now that I think about it. The triangle is a shape I find myself drawing and painting at random. You know how when we doodle the same things emerge? Like a personal sign we all have. I draw other shapes, it seems to depend on something that's happening way inside the psyche. I was such a shape user this summer at the AP Studio ARt Workshop at Columbus College of Art and Design that they gave me a book on shapes. It's called SIGNS OF LIFE- The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them by Angeles Arrien. Another book I picked up at Half-Price Books is called HUNAB KU-77 Sacred Symbols for Balancing Body and Spirit bye Karen Speerstra and Joel Speerstra. I've only begun to look at this one.

The second source for the triangle in the painting is from a dream. In the dream the triangle was hovering/shimmering directly in front of me. I painted this painting very soon after the dream.

For now I'm off to enjoy the incredibly balmy for December 27th in Ohio Sixty degree air.


  1. My eyes lit up as soon as I saw this painting...as a fan of Arrien's symbol work and the beauty of her book 'Signs of Life' the strength of your piece spoke to me immediately!!

  2. What I relate to most in your paintings are your colors, but now I see that it's the shapes too.
    I think the circle is my most dominant shape, although I've never thought of it before! I'll have to look into your books...

  3. Iona, I'm glad your eyes lit up when you saw this painting. I finished it about 2 weeks ago and have spent lots of time staring at it, liking it more and more each time. (not that I didn't like it from the start). My son, who has a good eye and whose opinion I value expressed great appreciation for it too.

    Hi Susan, I didn't see your comment about the messy studio. I'd like to pick your brain about daily painters. It's an avenue I was considering. And yes, check out the books, I've had them on the kitchen table since I posted about them. I was reading about the triangle being about balance. Our shapes change, the circle was my dominant shape. I looked at your blog..all your bird imagery, yum!! love birds! The collages are wonderful.
    Mary Ann