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Monday, December 22, 2008

When we bought our Christmas Tree

When we bought our Christmas Tree, I couldn't resist taking pictures of the barn at the tree farm. Like many of the barns in our area (probably a reflection of the passing of an era across the country) this one is falling down, dilapidated and very cool to look at. Great colors, textures and sky holes. It was built in the early 1800's and was a home before it was a barn.
I only had my cell phone with me, so the pics are cell phonish. The owner says I can come back to take more pics. (I'd like to bring my son who'd love it, plus he has a great camera.) The owner also said that people used to come to draw and paint the barn. (Before it was in its intriquing, beautiful state of disrepair and I think; unfortunately it is dying unless someone saves it.)


  1. before I read the part about the cell phone camera I thought...oh...what a painterly quality this roof and silo shot has... :-)

    Yes it is a sadness that the barns that do remain are often skeletons and not long for this world.

  2. i agree about the painterly quality of the image. in fact, i generally use my cell phone pictures as reference for paintings. it allows for greater expression and less attachment to what is real. i may paint this barn, i can also see it as a b & w photo.

  3. yes it is, mj! maybe you can see it in person if you venture to the snow globe...

  4. I love venturing to the snow globe...when it is a light snow globe!!!